Product Overview

•Micro Drill bit

We supply micro drill bits in extremely small scale, very high precision tools for the circuit board industry. The carbide micro-drills are used where extremely fine drilled holes, with a precision measured in thousandths of a millimetre, are needed: in the electronics industry, the automobile, aerospace and electrical industries, in medical technology and in the telecommunications sector. The micro drills are manufactured with the best tungsten carbide grain types of worldwide leading material manufacturers with most modern manufacturing processes. These extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide drills in smallest diameter ranges have been developed especially for high quality PCB materials.

We can supply drill bit size even from 0.025 - 0.09 mm

•Fluroescence Ring Light

•LED Ring Light

•Fiber optic Illuminator

•Stainless steel Tube

•SMART Home product

•Customize Solution

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